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My blog is a wonderland… come and play in it!!!

Okay, yeah, I might be a little mad… but it isn’t contagious… Also, try paying a little more attention. That picture is from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, not Alice in Wonderland. I could have done a title about how … Continue reading

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Political piggies… stop trying to pork us…

Yes, politics is full of all kinds of unsavory ingredients… lobbyists, rigged systems, jerrymandering, obstructionism, and… well… I could go on… but one thing that really pisses me off is pork. Pork is when they are trying to pass a … Continue reading

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Why making your dreams come true might well involve making someone else’s nightmares a reality… sort of…

Most of you will remember my ‘making your dreams come true’ series of posts… where you email pictures of your head and I stick them in funny places in Photoshop. A few of you didn’t even tell me specific dreams … Continue reading

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