Political piggies… stop trying to pork us…

Yes, politics is full of all kinds of unsavory ingredients… lobbyists, rigged systems, jerrymandering, obstructionism, and… well… I could go on… but one thing that really pisses me off is pork.

Pork is when they are trying to pass a bill to be made into law, and then, every time the bill passes through anyone’s grease-stained fingers, they add riders… little extra bits of gristle and fat… until, what was once a nice piece of bacon ends up resembling a Spam-like but much more unsavory hunk of nastiness.

Trying to pass a sensible gun control law… one that is supported by over 80% of the country? Go ahead… by the time it gets anywhere, there will be riders asking for money to fund a home for pregnant one-legged strippers in one state, and another asking for Federal aide in another state that is just sure that if the loggers had some help from the army, they could use tanks and helicopter gunships to knock down the last few trees faster.

So, as long as you are all already steaming mad at the whole political mess in this country, go ahead and add pork to your list.

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2 Responses to Political piggies… stop trying to pork us…

  1. List of X says:

    I don’t think any amount of pork is going to make any gun control laws pass in the near future.

    • That’s the irony… now the republitards put pork in bills that the dems want to pass, knowing that they will then have to vote against their own bills to keep the pork from being put into law too.

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