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… wait… never mind that last post… I may have just panicked…

The wordpress topic/reader/tag/wall/pages thingies are still there… good old wordpress is just up to its usual antics of making random changes that nobody wants or likes. You now need to hit the tags list button, and your list of topics … Continue reading

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Is anybody else having weird problems since WordPress made the last unwanted changes?

The first thing I noticed was that when I clicked the new post button, I went to a blank page. Next, I had trouble adding images to a new post. Then, I couldn’t add stuff to my pages set to … Continue reading

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Great… WordPress changed the stats page… again…


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Hey, wordpress, I hate to keep bugging you… but…

How come when I see my posts in your topic wall things… whatever you call the pages where our posts go when we tag them as ‘humor’ or ‘art’ or whatever… you can’t see the first photo from my post? I … Continue reading

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So, I spent the last week visiting my mom in the Bay Area, and I just got back, but tomorrow I have a tale of adventure to share… along with hundreds of pictures… and stories of cute kids and flying dragons and big sea mammals, and cities floating in the clouds, and crazy things I did where I actually risked my life… (and got up really, really early)… just to take some photographs that you will totally love, but the thing is… and you know when the thing shows up right in the title that it is going to be an whacky thing… but this is going to take quite a few days to get through, which means we have to put that game where you come up with clever names for my art with Art in it on hold for a while… oh, and I am going to tell the tale of my whole adventure backwards… just because I can… and because today was freakin’ AWESOME!!!

Oh.. uh… ummmm… I did such a good job with the title that there isn’t really anything left to say down here in the new and unimproved, harder to use, highly-annoying, beep-beep-boop, stupid, dumb WordPress not-as-good-as-the-old new post box!

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And where the hell are you sending the spam now???

Sorry… I tried to go back and edit my last post complaining about the new and incredibly annoying changes WordPress has made… so I could add that question above about where the spam folder is now located… (I assume it in … Continue reading

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WordPress… seriously… where is my other comment menu??? And enough with the changes already…

The constant fiddling about is driving me freakin’ crazy! Am I going crazy or did they make the other comment menu disappear? Not the little drop down notifications menu on the top right… which now only goes back so many … Continue reading

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