The adventure… part 24; let’s take a break from the coast and meet some animals…

It is around noon on day 4 of the adventure, and we have seen elephant seals, miles of crazy coastline, and stopped at Big Sur for lunch… an that is just on this one day.

Look at that sailboat way out there. You could almost think this is Southern California.

But it isn’t. Cue the theme music from Jaws!!!

But even I am ready to take a break from photos of waves and rocks.

It is time to see some more animals.

And there is still plenty of ocean to see.

Highway One is leading us right towards the Monterey Peninsula.

Yes, the one from the famous novel, cannery row and what not. Now, I know that looks like another picture of the ocean and the rocks, but there is a cow in there. Also, a cool cave in the rocks to her right.

Okay, that is just rocks and the ocean.

Did you want me to quit cold turkey???

And speaking of turkeys, that is not one.

Whales and deer. How often do you get both in one photo? I am that good.

Here a Canadian Goose stalks his natural prey, those black birds with creepy yellow eyes just like the flamingos from the start of this adventure. What, you didn’t know geese were carnivorous?

Wait, is that more synchronized cleaning??? What is up with that?

I hope those deer can find a place to hide before the geese finish cleaning themselves and it is dinner time!


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