The adventure… part 22; Cruisin’ the crazy coast of California with your tour guide, Me!!!… part 4…

I almost feel guilty about the number of photos I took on this one particular day on this one part of the adventure.

I really tried to make it a challenge to pull over at every little bit of open shoulder to snap a photo in each direction.

That isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is as time-consuming as it sounds.

It is just that the Central California coast is so awesome.

You are hugging huge cliffs, twisting on this narrow two lane highway in the fog and clouds.

Sometimes you are right down by the beaches. Other times you are way up in the middle of the cliffs.

The ocean spreads out far below you.

You are surrounded by nature.

And if you don’t stop, the views are just zooming by.

As I mentioned, this isn’t the the mild and warm Pacific Ocean of farther South. This is wild, crashing waves, jagged rocks, cold water, and kelp forests full of Great White sharks.

It just has a feel to it.

You should do this drive if you are ever in California.

Make time for it.


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