Clearing off my phone… nature is weird… part 1…

You know I like to clear the photos off my phone each week, and this was an interesting week in nature. The dogs were trying to eat this huge beetle in our yard. We moved the dogs away to save the insect. Being a man, I was going to pick the bug up and toss him over a fence.

It hissed at me. Like a loud hiss. Like a cat hiss. Scared the crap out of me.

Also, those leg spikes are sharp and it was wiggling. Oh man. We finally got it in a coffee cup.

Also, I saw that same scruffy hawk at work.


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5 Responses to Clearing off my phone… nature is weird… part 1…

  1. Doug Thomas says:

    LOL! The tiger swallowtail butterfly caterpillar has big eyespots on its butt. I know that and I know that if they are endangered by a bird, they flash those eyespots. Or if you touch them! Every time, knowing this will happen, I let out a little yelp when those big eyespots flash! I feel silly, but the display is pretty convincing. And scary. Ha1

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