Opinions are not the same thing as facts… (or); Some things are true, and some things aren’t… a guide to some common misconceptions… part 8…

The election was not stolen. That might be your opinion, but that doesn’t make it a fact. I would be willing to bet that most of you did not even have that opinion until it was presented to you as a fact by tRump and Fox News.

Democrats have actually had elections stolen from them. We know how it feels. But we didn’t storm any federal buildings screaming about hanging anyone.

We also didn’t try to change voting laws in Democratic-run states to make it harder for Republicans to vote.

You can’t just formulate or borrow an opinion and then turn it into a fact. That is not how facts work. Believing something is right when it really isn’t is, at best, an opinion, and at worst dangerous self-delusion.

You can’t just have an opinion that you want to be true, and then use it to justify doing horrible things. We should come up with a name for that. Hey, I know. Let’s call it “fake news”!

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