Son of a beach!!!… part 1…

a 1

Both my daughters are in town, so we had a picnic down at the beach.

a 2

More people were in the water than beside it.

a 3

It was a little overcast, and very steamy.

a 4

This is in San Diego, in Southern California, if you forgot… or didn’t know.

a 5

We had fun.

a 6

Other people were having fun too.

a 7

I can’t tell if the pelicans were having fun. They were still at work, I think.

a 8

I decided I would have fun taking photos of people having fun.

a 9

The waves were not very big.

a 10

But good surfers can still use small waves…

a 11

And they are good for new surfers to practice on.

a 12

Or maybe, you just go out past the waves.


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2 Responses to Son of a beach!!!… part 1…

  1. If there’s one place in California I’d love to live, it’s San Diego. Honestly, I’ve never visited, but people I’ve known who have either lived or visited have told me how extraordinary it is. I also like the beachfront lifestyle. The most beaches I’ve ever visited have been in Texas, but they’ve still been fun and relaxing.

    I still vividly remember the first time I ever saw the Pacific Ocean: Ixtapa, México in September 1991. I wrote about it on my own blog 8 years ago. If México wasn’t in such political and economic disarray (when has it NOT been?), I’d visit Ixtapa again – and just lounge on the beach doing…nothing.

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