New York City… day 1… part 2… wait, there was a battle in Brooklyn???

a 1

Yes, there was. In the Revolutionary War. You should Google that.

a 2

I was still wiping butter off my lips from the croissant I got at the farmer’s market, and we walked up the hill and into the park. That would be Fort Greene Park, in Brooklyn, New York.

a 3

Don’t feel bad, my daughter didn’t know about that part of our history either.

a 4

But she does now.

a 5

We went into the little museum, past the musket…

a 6

And read some placards and saw some Revolutionary War weapons.

a 7

Then we walked towards the monument, which, I believe, is dedicated to all the American soldiers who died of disease on British prison ships in New York Harbor.

a 8

And that is when I spotted the little guy in the monkey suit being followed by a film crew.

a 9

There were signs up around the park saying that Disney was shooting a movie about child development.

a 10

Tai Chi in the park.

a 11

The kid starting interacting with other kids. The camera guys looked a little panicked.

a 12

People were lining up for a dog Halloween costume contest later that day. I wish we could have gone back to see the dogs in their costumes, but I did pet most of those dogs. Ha!

a 13

Okay, good luck, camera guys.

a 14

I did manage to walk around in the background a few times, so I might be in a Disney movie. Now…  or should I say soon… back to the adventures.



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