New York City… day 1… part 1…

a 1

I guess, technically, it is day two, but we didn’t do much the first night. There is my older daughter Jessica, being all New Yorkey, in the elevator in her building, as we headed out for the first big day of adventures.

a 2

Jessica and her husband Jason have lived in New York for a year now. They have adapted quite well.

a 3

A church that looks like a castle.

a 4

My first daylight view of the Empire State Building. I thought it would be bigger.

a 5


a 6

Brownstones are a quintessential part of New York.

a 7

It feels like New York.

a 8

They let me pose with a tree.

a 9

Who doesn’t like posing with trees?

a 10

The Fall colors were striking. Wait until you see Central Park.

a 11

The first thing we did was stop at a farmer’s market for some street food. Is that orange glowing, or is it my kid?

a 12

I petted so  many dogs, and made friends with so many babies and little kids.

a 13

If I took a picture of every dog I met, and every kid I met, we would never finish this.


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