A wildlife adventure from the jungles of San Diego… part 2…

a 1

Beneath the calm surface of the water lurks grim death with razor-sharp teeth.

a 2

As my mom likes to say: Nature in the wild is seldom mild. That is true even here in San Diego.

a 3

The waving palms are just camouflage for vicious killing machines!

a 4

They also look cool reflected in the water.

a 5

Where they help to hide the tiger and leopard sharks, not to mention the cobra sharks, the scorpion sharks, the wolf sharks, the grizzly bear sharks, the hammerheads and the nailheads, and the rare but dreaded skunk sharks.

a 6

I’m just sayin’, man.

a 7

I’m pretty sure that is a sea monster… or two big fish swimming in line.

a 8

Did you spot the seagull by the waterfall? He is preening… probably snatching small mites and crushing them in his ferocious beak.

a 9

That is an actual feeding frenzy. I know it is just fish, but still, the circle of life, baby!

a 12

So beware the wild creatures, teeming in our very midst.

a 13

Don’t let the sun and the gentle breeze and swaying palms lull you into a false sense of security.

a 14

The wilds abide with wild things.

a 15

That’s where the wild things are.

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