A wildlife adventure from the jungles of San Diego… part 1…

a 1

Hello, this is your nature guide, Arthur, speaking to you from deepest, darkest San Diego California. Today, we will observe the splendor and terror that is nature in the wild.

a 2

Hey kid, you might want to get out of the water.

a 3

Even the big fish are fleeing!

a 4

And the small fish are swimming in a circle, trying desperately to confuse the predators!

a 5

I know, you didn’t think that San Diego had jungles. But it does, even though, technically, it is a desert.

a 6

What bloody, ravenous nightmare is being enacted under those turbulent waters?

a 7

As large fish turns upon small fish, to sate his savage hunger.

a 8

In the wild, you must constantly look over your shoulder… wait, do fish have shoulders?

a 9

The school of sleek, deadly carnivores grows, as they stalk their prey.

a 10

The small fry abandon their circle, and flee, hoping to outrun their hideous destiny.

a 11

Under the swaying palms and tranquil waters death death lurks in every shadow.

a 12

Ready to pounce on the unwary.  Okay, I have to go, my food and fancy adult beverage with a tiny umbrella just arrived at the table.

Man, next time I go there to eat, I am bringing a bottle of red food-coloring. That would spice this story up.



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4 Responses to A wildlife adventure from the jungles of San Diego… part 1…

  1. List of X says:

    You mean, “next time you go there to eat or get eaten”?

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