Some weird pictures I took of birds and flowers, for those of you who are bored to death by the posts about my new novel cover…

a 1

My orchids are blooming… again…

a 2

I am still seeing how much better the camera is on my new phone than my old phone, so I take a lot of sunset, bird and flower pictures at work.

a 3

I like flowers.

a 4

Fuzzy flowers!

a 5

Flowers that look like bananas!

a 6


a 7

Okay, that one was left over from when me and my daughter went to see the super-blooms of flowers and the snow.

a 8

We had a mourning dove lay two little eggs in a hanging plant basket in our backyard.

a 9

The basket is below the level of my head, which is how I got such a good photo of the little mother… unfortunately, something ate the eggs. Like my mom always says; “Nature in the wild is seldom mild”.

a 10

A mockingbird messing with a red tail hawk, at the top of a eucalyptus tree at work.

a 11

The hawk was not enjoying it.

a 12

I see hawks at work all the time, because the place I work is right above a big green valley, perfect for hunting for small mammals.

a 13

I like the hawks.

a 14

I am not going to explain that one… but it is, technically, a bird… and I am not climbing on it.

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