Fun with the sun… (or); Instead of just showing you the rest of those photos of the sunset over the San Francisco Bay that I took when I went with my mom into the hills above Berkeley during Christmas vacation, what if I intersperse them with copies upon which I worked some digital magic… part 1…

a 1 copy

Who doesn’t like a nice green and purple alien sunset?

a 1

Even if it was really quite boringly terrestrial.

a 2 copy

You don’t often see the stars that clearly while the sun is still setting…

a 2

Not in your universe, maybe!

a 3 copy

Smoke on the water…

a 3

And fire in the skies! That filter I used is actually called ‘smoke’, if anybody cares.

a 4 copy

Dang it, I jumped the gun on that whole ‘fire in the skies’ thing.

a 4

Hey, sometimes I get ahead of myself…

a 5 copy

Ooooh… sparkly! I actually remember the Bay Area looking like that, you know, back in the ‘day’, when I used to… well… never mind…

a 5

Family-friendly blog and all that!

a 6 copy

See, now that brings back memories too… HA!

a 6

But don’t you waste any time worrying about my wayward youth. Just enjoy the pretty colors.

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