Just some random photos of some mammals I know…

a 1

I went and visited my friend Olivia today, the daughter of some friends of mine.

a 2

She is three now.

a 3

And the twins, her brothers, are growing up fast. They run around all over the place.

a 4

This little gopher just popped up at my feet at work the other day.

a 5

I miss babysitting Olivia. That was a much better job than the one I have now, even with the gopher thrown in.

a 6

Olivia is more fun to hang around with than the gopher too.

a 7

I only have the two pictures of the twins. I can’t toss them into the air and onto Olivia’s bed and hold my phone at the same time. And they are usually moving to fast for good photos.

a 8

With kids, you have to catch them when they are occupied with something.

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2 Responses to Just some random photos of some mammals I know…

  1. adamjasonp says:

    Three already? Man, time has flown.
    And a gopher! 🙂

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