Scrub Jay…

a 1

Some random pictures of a Scrub Jay, taken in my mom’s garden in the San Francisco Bay Area.

a 2

I mean, these probably aren’t all the same Scrub Jay.

a 3

There are more than one visiting the feeder. I have seen at least two at the same time.

a 4

I figured that identifying them by species would do… unless we want to name them…. then, I suppose, we would have to identify them as individuals.

a 5

That one looks like an Irving to me.

a 6

But anyway…

a 7

Okay, I know, it is overexposed and not in good focus, but I love that picture. I tried to correct it in Photoshop. I couldn’t get it any better than that. But look at his feet! He is doing Ballet, or River Dancing… or skipping… or something. I think I caught him at the moment he was taking flight, but he hasn’t put his wings out yet, and it just cracks me up.

a 8

Lunch time.

a 9

Okay, see you soon for… whatever I do next.

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