It’s an Arthur thing… (or); dogs, cats, birds, and stuff…

a 1

Maybe you would understand, but if you do, seek psychiatric counseling immediately. Also, evict the crack squirrels from your head as soon as possible.

a 2

I guess these are just some random pictures I have taken since I got to my mom’s house in the Bay Area for Christmas.

a 3

They have three semi-feral outdoor cats living in the yard.

a 4

Technically, these two, the males, live in the backyard. The female, who is the sister of the black one, lives in front and eats on the deck.

a 5

She still hunts. These two don’t. They sleep and eat. Which is good for me, and this post.

a 6

Because I am back doing that game for my mom… who, once again, is 95, and doesn’t see as well as she used to. She loves bird watching. So I fill the bird feeder, and sit outside in the garden, with the zoom lens, and try to get as many good bird photos as I can.

a 7

And then I blow them up on my laptop, and she identifies them, and we like the game.

a 8

The game would not work if the two large male cats had any desire to feed themselves.

a 9

But they don’t… and the birds know it. They will hop around, picking up seeds that spilled from the feeder, and they and the cats just ignore each other.

a 10

After I have been here for a day, they ignore me too.

a 11

So just prepare yourself for some more bird pictures, that’s all I’m sayin’.

a 12

Wait… sorry… that isn’t a bird.

a 13

We went to visit my friend Chris last night. I have known him since we were little kids. We grew up on the same street, the street where I am sitting right now. What are me and my older  daughter doing?

a 14

Hey, in the title, I promised you at least one dog in this post.

a 15

And underneath that pile of love is one very happy Chocolate Lab named Dutch.

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4 Responses to It’s an Arthur thing… (or); dogs, cats, birds, and stuff…

  1. I do understand the Arthur thing, but I don’t need counseling. Neither do you, Art. The rest of the world does, but not us. We are among “The Chosen.” 🙂

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