Shootin’ nature with a Canon… part 1…

a 1

Today, my wife, my daughter Mollie… who came back from college for the weekend… and I went to Fallbrook… about 30 miles North of San Diego, and spent the day.  We visited my wife’s aunt and uncle. I brought my camera… the Canon… hence, the clever name of this series.

a 2

Mollie and I had fun with the camera. I brought the zoom lens. I have pictures of butterflies and birds.

a 3

But that isn’t all. I also brought the macro lenses, so get ready for some really-close-up pictures of… uh… stuff…

a 4

Okay, that isn’t actually nature, it is part of a glass fish, I think. But fishes are nature, right?

a 5

I even managed to get a dragonfly to sit still.

a 6

Two finches playing ‘heads or tails’.

a 7

Moss on granite. Wait for the macro photos of moss. It is trippy.

a 8

A big turkey vulture.

a 9

We brought our dogs. They drank rain water out of some very old Native American acorn grinding pits.

a 10

I am not sure Shiloh thought that was the best water she ever drank.

a 11

See, when you look at moss really close up, it looks like some other kind of plant… or something.

a 12

Anyway, I have a lot of weird photos that Mollie and I took. I will intersperse them with other weird posts… because, you know, I have crack squirrels living in my head.

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