Shootin’ nature with a Canon… part 2…

a 1

Just some more random photos, like that woodpecker.

a 2

And I am rather proud of my butterfly shots.

a 3

They don’t sit still for very long. You need to be quick.

a 4

The same is true of hummingbirds.

a 5

I seem to have been in a hurry. The feeder rim is more in focus that the bird. HA!

a 6

More of those old Native American acorn-grinding holes, filled with rainwater and oak leaves.

a 7

Dragonflies are really hard to get good pictures of.

a 8

A nuthatch.

a 9

Some finches.

a 10

They aren’t all in focus, but that photo has two finches, a woodpecker, and a nuthatch, all at once. I had to sit very still for a long time for that one.

a 11

A butterfly just taking flight… or butterflight. HA!

a 12

Man, I love my zoom lens.

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2 Responses to Shootin’ nature with a Canon… part 2…

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a woodpecker like that! Where was it when you took that photo?

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