For the birds… part 3… the final chapter…

a 1

Okay, these are the last of the photos of birds that I took, sitting in one spot, over a ten-day-period, in my mom’s back yard, when I drove up to the Bay Area to visit her for her 95th birthday.

a 2

Hummingbirds are not actually colorful. They just have reflective scales on their feathers that catch certain parts of the color spectrum.

a 3

That is why you do not always see the colors.

a 4

The sun has to catch the feathers just right.

a 5

That is a horrible picture. I took that one to help make a correct identification on this next photo…

a 6

We did decide that it is a Rufus Sided- or Spotted- Towhee.

a 7

They are shy and move around a lot. Not easy to get a good photo of.

a 8

We are pretty sure this is a young Finch of some sort. Young birds do not always have the full set of characteristics yet, and can be hard to identify.

a 9

Also, most female birds are not as colorful as the males. So young females add a special challenge to identification.

a 10

I do love the little Chickadees. I like the way this one is leaning to the side.

a 11

But aren’t they cute?

a 12

I can’t remember the name of this bird. My mom knows them all. I am just an occasional bird watcher.

a 13

I could look it up in my bird book, or call my mom, if anybody really cares.

a 14

I know that is a Nuthatch. If you ever need reminding that birds descend from dinosaurs, just look at that little guy’s feet… and claws.

a 15

They use those for climbing up trees, and going down head first.

a 16

Goodbye, little Titmouse.

a 17

And the big Towhee.

a 18

These last few shots, of crows in a dead peppercorn tree, are not really part of the rest of the pictures. I had to move out of the chair and step a few feet away, to the stairs leading down from the backyard.

a 19

But, with the crazy sky- smoke from the California wildfires mixed with cloud and fog- these do have a real Halloween vibe to them.

a 20

And they are pictures of birds.

a 21

So I threw them in. Okay, I just have to finish off the Yosemite adventure pictures, and we can get back to the usual weirdness around here.


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