My Yosemite adventure… part 4… the wildlife… part 2… where I was attacked and eaten by a bear…

a 1

Yes, these two blurry images capture the moment before my demise…

a 2

It was quite painful, being eaten by a bear, but the scenery was beautiful, and I did get some good shots of the bear.

a 3

No, silly, I didn’t get eaten by a bear. How could I have gone on that awesome San Francisco adventure yesterday, watching the sun come up from the middle of the bridge, if I was busy being digested? This poor bear is hanging over a bar at a place I stopped on the way home from Yosemite.

a 4

My adventure burned a lot of calories, so I ordered biscuits and gravy, sourdough toast, hash browns, eggs… and bacon. Oh yeah, still an apex predator! And there was a nice photo of Yosemite on the wall in front of me, that looks like some of the photos I took. I got the bear attack idea because of the fact that the two pictures of the wall behind him were also of Yosemite… because this place is just outside the park.

a 5

I did stop and make a new friend, just up the road from the diner.

a 6

Oh yeah, that is my ‘petting a horsie’ face.

a 7

I do love horses. All the other pictures I have posted of me petting horses are the horses you can rent to ride inside Yosemite. I do not suggest it. I haven’t ever done it, but I know this: the Yosemite horses know they are rented by the hour. They walk real slow on the way out. As soon as you turn around, thinking your time is halfway over, they will scamper back to the barn. This way, they get a coffee break before the next hour starts.

a 8

Hey, I really did see a bear. And I really do have a funny story or two about the bear… but that will be in the next, and last, animal segment of this series.

a 9

Another good shot of two young bucks and the sunrise over Half Dome.

a 10

And wait until you see the deer pictures in the next post. I got really close to them. You can see eyelashes!

a 11

And sorry if I scared you with that whole bear eating me thing.

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2 Responses to My Yosemite adventure… part 4… the wildlife… part 2… where I was attacked and eaten by a bear…

  1. No, I wasn’t scared by the bear story. I just figured all that smoke and ash from the fires had somehow gotten to you.

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