My Yosemite adventure… part 3… the wildlife… part 1…

a 1

Another good thing about the huge wildfires that closed Yosemite until just before I took my little road trip there, is that, because there were almost no people around, I had the best wildlife experiences of my life there on this visit.

a 2

The first day, I saw a lot of deer. Mostly, they were young bucks. When the male deer get to a certain age, they are kicked out of the herd. They are supposed to start their own, or steal another herd from an old buck.

a 3

But at first, they are too young and inexperienced to do any of that. They end up alone or in small groups.

a 4

I had a great time stalking these guys through the forests and meadows. Hey, hunters, why don’t you try using a camera instead of a rifle?

a 5

They paid very little attention to me… for the most part.

a 6

Don’t worry, the next post is going to be all the best photos.

a 7

But even seeing deer from a fair distance is exciting to me. Yes, I know, they walk right down the street in front of my mom’s house. I always share pictures of that. But this is different somehow.

a 8

These deer just seem more wild than the spoiled, yuppie-foodie deer in the hills of the Bay Area, who are finicky about eating only the best imported bulbs and flowers.

a 9

And did I mention the horses?

a 10

I love horses.

a 11

And I guess I already mentioned the bear I saw. I have better pictures… and a good story about this bear. Wait for the next post.

a 12

Yes, these deer are living the true wildlife wild life.

a 13

These deer have to worry about bears. And mountain lions.

a 14

These deer aren’t eating imported Dutch tulips.

a 15

And these guys can still get hit by a car, same as them big city deer.

a 16

Did you spot the deer in that picture?

a 17

That is a nice photo. Two deer, the rays of the rising sun. The towering cliffs of the Yosemite valley in the hazy distance.

a 18

That is a crappy cell phone selfie, but I am rarely happier than when I can get a horse to walk across his corral and say hello to me.


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