Lit-up clouds, crows in an oak tree, an invisible city, and some roses…

a 1

Back in the Bay Area, a cool sunset from my mom’s deck last night. The sunset wasn’t much, but there were some clouds that were lit from below and seemed to glow.

a 3

These photos don’t really capture the opalescent quality of the light.

a 4

But I do what I can.

a 2

This morning, same balcony. Two crows were waiting for me to leave so they could steal some cat food.

a 5

So I left them too it, and drove further up into the Berkeley hills, to one of my favorite places. That is San Francisco, over across the bay, still being shy and hiding in the morning fog.

a 6

But I wasn’t there to see the city. I will be seeing the city from many different vantage points… and maybe a few disadvantage points, if me and Big Johnny go on one of our bar-crawls.

a 7

I was there to see some roses.

a 8

Which is why I was at the Berkeley Rose Gardens.

a 9

Yes, I know, I go there almost every time I go back to the Bay Area to see my mom.

a 10

Hey, I like roses. I like nature. I like trying to get the perfect photo of a flower, or a dog, or a sunset, or a horse.

a 11

And I will expand on that in the next two posts… comprised entirely of pictures of flowers that I took this morning. HA!

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