I have to admit, tRump supporters scare me a little…

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I mean, they really are willing to overlook almost anything, as long as they feel that they are getting at least one thing out of the deal. The really sad thing is that most of them won’t. The little tax breaks will be eliminated shortly. Their health care will get worse. There won’t be a wall built. They won’t get a denuclearized North Korea. The coal jobs aren’t coming back. Things won’t be cheaper to buy. And guess what, America isn’t going to go back to being mostly white people who feel entitled to be in charge.

Sorry, you sold your soul to a flim-flam man.

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4 Responses to I have to admit, tRump supporters scare me a little…

  1. Me too. I know some people personally who are all-out Trump supporters. Even I had my constructive criticism of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as others. But some Trump acolytes are truly maniacal in their adoration. I told one on Facebook that he’s unwittingly following the cult leader’s playbook. I also told him that clear vision is the second casualty after innocence in blind support of a leader.

  2. Simon says:

    That about sums it up well…

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