Stick together… part 14… beaches edition…

a 1 copy

What I love about this series is the deceptive simplicity of taking random Google images, copying part of them in Photoshop, flipping that part over to make a mirror image, and then sticking the pieces back together, is that you never know what they will end up looking like.

a 1

Those are both done from the same image of a beach at sunset. This time, I just copied the entire image before doing the mirror effect. I simply made the canvas… the working area of the picture… bigger. In one, I moved the image to the left before copying it. In the other, I moved it right. But when I stuck them together, something magic happened.

a 2 copy

I did the same thing with the second set of images, more or less.

a 2

In one, you get a strange lagoon, and in the other, a weird, symmetrical point of land.

a 3

That one, unless you are paying attention, might seem to be an unaltered photo. I did the cut right through the middle of the sun. Only the kaleidoscope effect gives it away.

a 5

That one, on the other hand, is a little more obvious.

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