Desert vistas… part 7… (or): Mountains, clouds, snow and palm trees…

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You gotta love California, where you can gaze past palm trees and see snow-topped mountains.

a 2

I am nearing the end of my posts of photos I took on my recent drive back to San Diego from Arizona.

a 3

We saw a lot of desert. Technically, this mountain pass, through which I was descending towards Los Angeles, is still desert… high desert.

a 4

Now remember, I only took this route, which is slightly longer, because my normal route was blocked by a snow storm. I don’t have snow chains in my car.

a 5

But, even in San Diego or Los Angeles, during the winter, you can drive to play in the snow in just an hour or two.

a 6

I have to admit, I am baffled by you people who live where it snows right on top of you… and your car, and your roads.

a 7

We keep our snow like we keep our tigers and lions… near enough to visit them, but not right out in the backyard.

a 8

We have zoos for the dangerous animals, and mountains for the snow.

a 9

Because I don’t ever want to wake up, go outside, and find either of those things piled up on top of my car.

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2 Responses to Desert vistas… part 7… (or): Mountains, clouds, snow and palm trees…

  1. As a kid, I loved to sit on top of my monkey bars to look at the snow on top of the Tehachapi mountains.

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