I am now a security officer…


I told you I was embarking on a new adventure. I have been undergoing training to become a security officer. I have been cleared by homeland security and the FBI. I know how to arrest people, frisk them, watch out for terrorist activities, do patrols, fill out incident reports, deal with hazardous chemicals, fires and natural disasters. I will wear a uniform.

So, I can now add security officer to my other list of accomplishments and titles…


Tiki cvarver



Glass Blower



Scottish Lord… or Laird…

World Traveler

Professional Babysitter

And many more.

I will fill you in on how my job placement goes in the days to follow.

Oh, and I found one more photo of San Francisco, taken as my wife and I were leaving the Bay Area after our recent trip to visit my mom.


I don’t think I shared that one with you yet.

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30 Responses to I am now a security officer…

  1. hospitalsecurityofficers says:

    If you get assigned to a hospital, visit my site and share your story.

  2. Lucy Brazier says:

    Super! Security work is brilliant for a writer. I do a little here and there to keep the wolf from the door. I find the people and situations very handy for characters and plots. Keep a notebook handy 🙂

  3. For some reason, I thought you already had experience with frisking. Or was that being frisked? Hm…maybe I’m thinking about myself again.

  4. List of X says:

    Congratulations on your new position as a jack-booted thug! 🙂

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