I am working on the cover art for the fourth book in my action/humor science fiction series…

c 1

Don’t worry, there will be words on it. And this is in the very early stages. You may remember that when I went to visit my mom in the Bay Area not too long ago, I was doing the final editing on this book. It is finished. I am driving to Arizona to visit my daughter tomorrow, and she is going to try to teach me how to compile and format my books without her help. Wish her luck.

I am going to add a lot more of those space ships, because it is supposed to be the Black Fleet, invading one dimension from another. It is manned by the Keelar… those little aliens that I just did a picture of for you. This picture will wrap around the book, covering both front and back.

d 1

The thing is… (hey, thing, what’s up?)… that I stole the ship design from that cool ship that my son-in-law did for me when he designed the cover for the second book in the series. I altered the ship, and am going to make thousands of them. I will do more posts as the work progresses. I have to change each ship a little, and make the cool propulsion flames a little different. But I do know how to do the covers myself now.

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2 Responses to I am working on the cover art for the fourth book in my action/humor science fiction series…

  1. That actually looks pretty good, Art! That’s what I want to do with my own writings: create whatever accompanying artwork is necessary. I’m sure your daughters swill have a great time telling their own children and even their grandchildren what an unbelievably fun and incredibly artistic (if not a little incorrigible) father you were!

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