Let’s filter a possum… part 1…

a 1

I thought, just for fun, that we could run one of those possum photos I took at my mom’s house through some digital filters.

a 2

I am just doing this to remind you that there is a website where you can do this stuff to any photo… of any person, place or thing… and it will give you some awesome art to use on your blog.

a 3

It is easy, and it is free.

a 4

Oh yeah… a Van Gogh possum!

a 5

I can walk you through the steps if you want me to.

a 6

If you are ever with a small child, and they are bored, upload a photo of them into this program, and do some digital magic. It will amaze and delight them.

a 7

Gee, Mr. possum, why are you so negative?

a 9

I did all that, in like five minutes, from that photo I took. And I have some more coming.


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15 Responses to Let’s filter a possum… part 1…

  1. Yup they really should. Have tried a few and they are great. I have many apps, but this seems to have the most options (other than photoshop which I have no idea if you can get for an ipad lol.

  2. and the website / app is called? I kept looking for the name, is it in part 2?

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