Detours: A California adventure… part 2; The wild edge of America…

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So where are we going, exactly, on this epic, three-day, detour-packed adventure down the coast of California, I hear you wondering?

a 1

Do not be in such a hurry, fellow traveler!

a 3

Like all good adventures, this one will unfold before us as we journey onward.

a 4

For now, all we need to know is that we left San Francisco behind, and, a very short time later, we were on the coast, heading South.

a 5

I passed by numerous little towns, fishing towns, artsy towns, touristy towns, but I didn’t pass by any good views of the sea without pulling over to take a photo for you.

a 6

And I have done this drive before, and shared the pictures, and I don’t like to show the same thing in the same way if I can help it.

a 7

We will talk  more of the sea. We will talk about her moods. We will get to know her well.

a 8

For this is not the Pacific Ocean of the Southern California coastline.

a 9

This is a raw and wild sea, prone to fits of anger.

a 10

This is a sea to treat with great respect.

a 11

Because, though her face can be charming, there is a devil in her heart.


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3 Responses to Detours: A California adventure… part 2; The wild edge of America…

  1. Marit says:

    Lovely photos! 😊

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