Detours: A California adventure… part 1; Goodbye San Francisco…

a 1

I left my mom’s house on New Year’s Eve, after the Christmas madness, the house full of too many people, family drama, people getting sick, the double Christmas dinner, the exhaustion and post-Christmas letdown… and I stopped on Treasure Island in the middle of the bay to take a few quick photos.

a 2

The grey skies almost matched my mood. I hate leaving the Bay Area. But this time, I was excited as well. It usually takes me about 7 or 8 hours to get back to San Diego, but now, I was on the first of many detours, and heading for an epic adventure that would require three full days of nonstop action.

a 3

Goodbye, Oakland Bay Bridge, that passes through a tunnel cut right through the heart of the small mountain on one end of Treasure Island.

a 4

Goodbye, San Francisco, the scene of so many adventures in the past.

a 5

Goodbye, Golden Gate, the four-way passage to adventures for so many millions of people, locals, tourists and sailors alike.

a 6

Goodbye, Transamerica building, once the tallest and most iconic building of the city.

a 7

Piss off, Sales Force monolithic building, looming over the city like Sauron’s dark tower.

a 8

You will never add anything to the beauty of the view. At best, you will be ignored and looked down upon.

a 9

Goodbye, fog and mist and cloud, that add such depth and mystery to the places I love.

a 10

And goodbye, Alcatraz, where so many criminal dreams were once put on hold… except the most basic human dream… to escape to somewhere better.

I hope you join me on my adventure. There will be cute kids, animals, flowers, awesome pictures of the Pacific Ocean, unexpected detours, and a few planned… well, more-or-less-planned… detours. I took a couple hundred photos over the three days. I will probably delete quite a few, but no promises. And I will still be doing other weird posts in between the continuation of this story. So, uh, see you around, I guess.


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