So, who is this Arthur guy, how did he end up being put in charge of the allied fleets defending his universe from an invasion from another dimension… and what is the story on all these aliens???… part 1…

Well, I am glad you asked… since you probably haven’t been reading the fourth novel in my action/humor science fiction series: The Otherwhere Chronicles, that I have been posting. Maybe you aren’t reading it because you didn’t buy the first three novels… available over there—> in my sidebar—> and you feel like you can’t catch up.

Fear not.

I am going to give you some backstory, and introduce some of the aliens.


Arthur Blacke… (pronounced ‘Black’… [it is a joke, because my name also ends with a silent ‘e’, and you would be surprised by the number of times people call me Arthur ‘Brownie’ is they don’t know me])… is really me. I mean, not this me. It is the me from another dimension, set just a few years further into the future than this one. You can read all about it if you go back to the epilogue I posted at the beginning of this newest novel.

In this other dimension, aliens have found planet Earth. And they love humans. It turns out we are the very first race to develop independently. All the rest of the races were ‘seeded’ by the Giant Flying Pickles… a race of more-or-less undying aliens, who, when each big bang sucks back in on itself and the universe… all the universes… blow up again, and things start over, go back out and replace the life in the universes so they have something interesting to watch. It is boring living forever. And no, they don’t call themselves the Giant Flying Pickles. Humans call them that. Because they look like giant pickles… and they can fly.

Anyway, they seed life  into all the realities. Except humans developed independently… in the wild, as it were. Also, the Pickles play a huge part in this story. Because one of them died and his body is now a gateway between all the dimensions… which explains how the Black Fleet is invading the one Arthur lives in… oh, and they brought another Arthur with them.

So… where was I… oh yeah… Arthur was a janitor on an alien space station called The Hub. There is one close to each Nexus Point, holes in space that allow ships to cross vast, empty regions of the universe. Arthur and some human and alien friends were having poker night, when space pirates attacked the Hub in a Disney Spaceliner they had hijacked. Arthur saves the Hub. In the process, he and his little band of daring dogooders are observed all over the universe because of the Reporters… these little globes that mysteriously show up at any interesting event, record, and broadcast what is happening, in every language on every planet that has news outlets. Nobody knows if the Reporters are a species or a mechanical invention, but that doesn’t matter right now.

To make a long story as short as possible… oh, did I mention that aliens everywhere are fascinated with the human race, and English is now the semi-official language of the universe?… but Arthur goes back to Earth to visit his mom, and ends up saving San Francisco from being blown to smithereens. It is all part of a plot by a human named David Gassaway, who owns the Enzyme Corporation, the biggest business enterprise in the history of everything… but it turns out that David is from another dimension… the one ruled by the Black Empire, presided over by the Doraimee… (overlord) Fahh… yes, you heard me… the Doraimee Fahh… I told you, this is an action/HUMOR series.

The Enzyme Corporation is up to all kinds of evil things, in order to weaken the universe so that the Black Fleet can come over and conquer it. Arthur puts some major crimps in these plans. At the end of book two, the President of the United States puts Arthur and his friends… now known as Arthur’s Avengers… in charge of the confiscated corporation. They rename it as: The Universe Company. Now, Arthur is the first janitor/corporate CEO that I have ever read about.

Then, Arthur… being lazy and irresponsible… leaves his friends in charge, and goes back to the Hub, to take a vacation… because that is the kind of guy I am… uh… he is. With an invasion looming, he goes on a walkabout around the huge wheel of the Hub. During his adventures… where he meets an alien who can only talk in lines from Monty Python skits… (which is how I met Eric Idle, in real life, in this dimension, by the way)… and a bunch of cute, colorful, furry bears with a dark secret, and a group of human supremacists living right next door to a group of alien supremacists… and a conclave of hippy Dead Heads… he is set upon by assassins sent from the other dimension to kill him.

Now, one way or another, at the start of this book, Arthur has been put in charge of the allied fleet… so he is a janitor/CEO/Supreme Allied Commander. The funny thing is that he just makes it up as he goes along, and it always works out… with a surprisingly small loss of life.

If you were wondering about the picture at the top of this post, that is Arthur Blacke, on some planet, with a Wasp Whip. The Wasp Whips… a name Arthur came up with for a previously unknown race just because he thought it was a good tongue-twister… were the pirates who captured that Disney Starliner in the first book… but they weren’t real pirates… they were… well… never mind. Buy the first book. They are on the good-guy’s side now.


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