A three bridge adventure… part 3… (on birds, water,and water birds)…

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That, I believe, is a turkey vulture. I am back in San Diego now. I left my mom’s house in the Bay Area very early this morning. But I am not done sharing the pictures of my little driving adventure I went on a few days ago.

a 1

When I left off at the end of the last post in this series, I had met those awesome horses, and then retraced my route alongside Tomalis Bay. I was now paralleling the Pacific Ocean, just a little inland from the coast. I was driving through oak-covered hills.

a 2

I ended up by a large salt water estuary… or tidal flat… or whatever it was. I pulled over a few times, because it was chock full of birds.

a 3

It was also rather lovely.

a 4

There were dozens of pelicans flying and floating around.

a 5

Notice the one pelican in that shot getting ready to land.

a 6

I spotted this bird up the beach. He had a very long bill, and I think that is a crab he is holding. I love that crazy zoom lens.

a 7

A pelican diving for a snack.

a 8

Pelicans flying in formation. Those aren’t the regular brown pelicans. I should really get out my bird book and figure out what kind those are.

a 9

But if you like pelicans, head to this large marsh just North of Stinson Beach, not too far from the Golden Gate Bridge.

a 11

Now we get to the part of my adventure where something unexpected happens… which is why I call them adventures. As I passed Stinson Beach, I intended to stay on the coast all the way to the Golden Gate, taking pictures of the rugged coastline and the sea. But Highway One was closed for some repairs from a rock slide. I got detoured up into the mountains. I think that is Stinson Beach down below me.

a 12

And when I got out of the car to take some pictures of the sea below, I spotted this plant beside the road.

a 13

I took pictures of it because those leaves were huge. Six feet long, at the very least. I guess the picture doesn’t really show it very well, but that plant seemed like it belonged on a tropical island, not the hills of the Bay Area.

a 14

And this is where I leave off on my adventure for now, with me climbing the hills, not too far North of San Francisco, with the Pacific spreading out below me.

See you soon.



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11 Responses to A three bridge adventure… part 3… (on birds, water,and water birds)…

  1. I saw pelicans up close for the first time in my life in September 1995, when I visited Panama City Beach, Florida with some friends. Then someone started shouting there were sharks in the water, near the coast, so I slowly swam to shore. I still couldn’t take my eyes off those pelicans.

    That plant actually looks a little like a banana tree. Either that, or it’s an agave cactus with erect frond dysfunction.

  2. chris jensen says:

    Nothing happened to be expected…

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