Comic Con… meet the press… (with special guest appearance by a big-name celebrity)… and tips on how to spot famous people among the hordes…

a 1

No, that isn’t a costume, it is a steady cam… which brings me to my first celebrity spotting tip for Comic Con… follow media camera crews. Those crews cost a lot of money per hour, and they generally don’t send them out just for laughs. They know where the famous people are going to be.

a 2

I had fun watching this guy set up his gear. It took a while.

a 3

Okay, this tip will not pan out every single time you try it. They do interview random people in costumes between their big assignments. But I did get to see my second favorite wheel chair-based costume.

a 4

You don’t often get to see a dwarf getting ready to interview a wizard. You know what they say: “Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle, and quick to anger.”

a 5

That dwarf was not actually that short… he was on his knees… but you have to applaud his dedication.

a 6

A random, poorly-taken selfie, that made it into this post because of the TV interview of two Wookies in the background.

a 7

Yes, that is Steven Spielberg. I saw him. I am saving the real posts about celebrities for the end of my Comic Con posts, but this one leads to my best tip for seeing famous people.

Keep checking the stages set up on the exhibition hall floor for D C Comics, Marvel Comics, and any big name studio that does movies and television. That is where the action is. When I do the last posts… with all the famous people… I will tell you how to take advantage of this tip.

a 8

Okay, I don’t think he is famous… he seems too worried about the placement of the boom mic.

a 9

This guy might even have his own show… but I don’t know who he is, so let’s move on.

a 10

I like that picture because it is out of focus… except for the phone in the foreground… which seems to be focused just fine.

a 11

I don’t even remember what was going on here, or who the people are, but there are female bagpipers in kilts… and a big video camera… so… yeah…

a 12

Does anybody recognize the guy sitting down in the grey shirt… or the girl sitting next to him?

a 13

The cast of the TV show Supergirl. This is the kind of media frenzy you are looking for if you want to spot famous people.

a 14

I have better pictures of them… which I will share… when I give you my best celebrity spotting tips… with the best pictures to back up my claim.


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