The sunset chronicles… part 4… and this one has a game you can play, or at least a test of your observational skills…

Okay, these photos were not taken from my favorite sunset spot on the top of the hills behind Berkeley, these were taken from my mom’s deck, much lower down in the hills, so you won’t see San Francisco or the Golden Gate Bridge. But they are still photos of a sunset, so I will add them to this series.

There is something odd about these pictures. Well, not odd, exactly, but, when taken as a whole, these photos are unusual, and contain a mystery, or at least a test of your observational abilities. I will post the pictures… 9 of them, which is how many I usually put in each post, if you hadn’t noticed… without putting words in between each picture… like I usually do, if you hadn’t noticed.

Compare the photos. Tell me what the mystery is, the thing that is hiding in plain sight. A miracle of nature.

***Hint… try comparing every pair of pictures with each other… I mean, compare the first and second to each other, and the third and fourth, and so on.***

a 1

a 2

a 3

a 4

a 5

a 6

a 7

a 8

a 9

Yes, I know, there is an extra photo that you can’t compare as a matching set. That isn’t the mystery. Just scroll down and compare each picture with the one above it, and the one below it. See if you can figure out what I am not telling you.

I will give the answer in the comments if no one guesses it.



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