The sunset chronicles… part 2… and, yes, I know that isn’t a sunset…

a 1

But, as I mentioned earlier, I had to hang around for three hours while the sun was setting and beyond that, so I took some pictures of a fountain… oooh… next time I am in the Bay Area, remind me to go up and take pictures of the fountain with the setting sun behind it… that would look awesome!

a 2

Doo-de-doo… waiting for the sunset… taking some pictures of San Francisco… wondering if the haze a fog and clouds will make the sunset better or worse…

a 3

Wondering how cool these pictures will look when I can see them in a proper size.

a 4

Wondering if you can even see the Golden Gate Bridge through the fog, because on the little camera screen, I really couldn’t.

a 5

Wondering how many of these pictures I would just delete… because the best thing about digital cameras is that you can take 500 photos and get rid of 499 to get the one perfect shot… I mean, I never do, but you can.

a 6

Man, the sun moves slowly.

a 7

Seriously, once the sky started turning orange, why did I not walk back to the fountain and take a back-lit photo?

a 8

Yeah, I probably could have deleted some of these. I did delete a few, just so you know.

a 9

Fine, I will skip ahead to one sunset photo, just to make this official.



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