Let’s make a cover for my newest novel… part 1…

z 1

Okay, that is a quick mock-up of a very simple design. There is still a lot we could do with that. We could use filters in Photoshop to make the photo of my daughter more faded. Or, we could get fancy and use computer magic to turn that into a picture that looks like a painting.

Remember, this is just the first draft of one of the ideas we will have to chose from. The main elements are there. I need to work on the uniform and helmet to make them look like they belong in a fantasy world where a teenage princess leads a rebel army against a dark empire. But I did change the PVC pipe into a spear. And all the text is changeable.

The spear point plays a major role in the story, because warfare on this world was traditionally non-fatal. It involved slings slinging soft-wood balls, and then lots of thumping with staves. Broken bones and even cracked heads, yes, but people rarely died. Then, the bad guys changed the rules and made iron blades to change the weapons into the real deal. Also, the camouflage is a new idea brought about by the resistance army. Don’t worry, we will fix all that in the final version.

So, Princess Hildy ends up leading a rag-tag army to try to stop the fall of the seven kingdoms. It is all quite exciting. I just want you to help me decide on the best cover art.

a 1 copy

Remember, it all started with just this. I will be back with some new ideas later. Thanks.


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6 Responses to Let’s make a cover for my newest novel… part 1…

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    A little dirt and grime might spruce it up. ***being so clean might mean she sits behind a desk? ijs

    • Yup. I am going to do that, change the shape of the helmet, change the camouflage patters and the cut of the shirt. Some dirt smudges, maybe a little blood on the spear blade.

  2. List of X says:

    There’s no open space there are all. Maybe you could set the photo by the sea, or in the mountains, or at least in a forest with some space between the trees? I’m sure that in SD, neither the sea nor the mountains are difficult to find.

  3. List of X says:

    The wall of greenery gives somewhat claustrophobic look to the image, I think

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