My daughter really knows how to throw a party… the final chapter…

a 1

There is my daughter, Mollie, on the right, holding little Olivia. Mollie graduated from high school. Olivia hasn’t started school yet.

a 2

Well, we all knew I was going to throw a random selfie in here somewhere, right?

a 3

So these are the last photos from Mollie’s graduation party, organized by her older sister.

a 4

I saved most of the Olivia pictures for the last post… because I love that kid… I mean, obviously, I love my own kids too. But two-year-olds are just so awesome. There is Olivia’s dad, Joey, lurking in the background… like dads do. He is going to be the father of new twins very soon… so I am going to get more babysitting jobs. HA! He is also a friend of my wife’s, from when they grew up in San Diego together.

a 5

Okay, here is why kids are awesome when they are two. Because everything is magical, but it also makes sense, because it is what they see. Adults can’t accept magic and reality simultaneously.  They think everything is either/or.

a 6

But watch a two-year-old play with helium balloons. Flying balloons. That is magical, but it must be real, because they can see them.

a 7

All their lives, they have watched gravity make anything they let go of cause that thing to drop to the ground. Now, all of a sudden, gravity don’t mean doodely-squat.

a 8

But they totally roll with it… as long as there is someone around who is tall enough to get the balloons back down off the ceiling. Magic and reality.

a 9

I do miss when my daughters were that age, and I was a stay-at-home-dad… before it was cool to be one.




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