My daughter graduated high school… (or): My daughter really knows how to throw a party… part 3…

a 1

There she is, my younger daughter, Mollie. Remember, she is 18, so she can be on the blog now, according to my wife. We were at the awesome graduation party that my other daughter, Jessica, organized. Mollie has a new camera. It is sort of like mine, only better. You can also see my mom, who came all the way to San Diego to see Mollie graduate… yes, I know, I was just up in the Bay Area visiting my mom until last weekend… hey, we get around.

a 2

Yes, my little buddy, Olivia, was there too. She loves Mollie. There is Olivia’s dad in the background. If he looks a little frazzled, remember, they are having twins any day now… not him and Mollie, him and his wife, silly!  Oh, yeah… more babysitting for me!

a 3

There is my older daughter, Jessica, with my new son-in-law, Jason.

a 4

I tried to use the photo-op-wall, just one of the many decorations Jessica was responsible for, but the sun was in my face, so I moved over, and missed part of the wall. HA! Remember, Jessica planned this whole party, and did all the decorations… just like she did for her own wedding. We are an artistic people.

a 5

Jason, with Mollie’s boyfriend, Dashawn.

a 6

No, Jessica doesn’t hate me… she was being silly. I told her the picture was going on the blog… no… she doesn’t hate you either. And there is Beth. Jessica met Jason, her husband, and Beth, her best friend, at the college they all went to… which is where Mollie is going, at the end of the summer.

a 7

Just a few of the honors and trophies and awards Mollie has earned, just at school.

a 8

Yeah, she was a cheerleader, with impeccable grades, who is going to go into the medical field. Did I mention my daughters are awesomely smart, sweet and artistic?

a 10

A bunch of photos of Mollie. My wife came up with a great idea a long time ago. If you have kids, put copies of all the photos, on top of one another, inside the same frame. This is a great way to keep the pictures safe, and you can always find them… when you want to do something like this.


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4 Responses to My daughter graduated high school… (or): My daughter really knows how to throw a party… part 3…

  1. Al says:

    Kids must take after their mother. Ha. Seriously, I can only imagine how much of a proud daddy you are.

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