The California coast, from San Francisco to Santa Cruz… part 2… and, technically, the final chapter of the shortest series I ever did… but this one ends with cute kids… so… yeah…

a 1

I know, that could be New England, but it isn’t. It is Northern California, between the Bay Area and Santa Cruz.

a 2

It was only a three-hour drive from my mom’s house in the hills North of Berkeley to Santa Cruz. I don’t know why I don’t take the coast route more often. The other way is boring, and not much faster.

a 3

And look what I have been giving up to fight the traffic, driving all the way along the San Francisco Bay, and through a bunch of small cities and towns making up the South Eastern Bay Area.

a 4

A fishing boat, and the ever-present looming fag bank, getting ready to move in and smother Northern California.

a 5

Now granted, it isn’t like I drive from the Bay Area to Santa Cruz all the time. It is only when I go to the Bay Area from San Diego to see my mom, and I decide to stop by and see my cousins. It is out of the way, but as you will see, it is worth it.

a 7

It was especially worth it when I went there to help out, when the newest little cousin was colicky and not sleeping much at all. You could go back and look at earlier posts if you are interested.

a 8

But the real point I am trying to make, is that if you have to drive far out of your way, you might as well enjoy the drive, and also, hope that you have people who love you waiting at the other end…

a 9

Like these little guys… who you will learn all about tomorrow.

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