The California coast, from San Francisco to Santa Cruz… part 1…

a 1

Horses, munching by the Pacific Ocean. I must be losing my touch. I stood by the fence, and did that tongue-clicking/tisk tisk sound, but none of them came over to see me. This is unheard of. Dogs, babies, and horses love me.

a 2

I always love it when I do a bunch of travel posts, and get new followers from other blogs that focus on travel or photography or whatever. We all know that, before too long, I will be back to doing weird Photoshop stuff with Trump, and my other silly stuff, and they will be wondering what they have gotten themselves into.

a 3

So, after leaving the Bay Area, I was traveling down the coast on Highway One, also known as the Cabrillo… (Pronounced ka-brie-yo, and named after a Spanish explore who charted the area)… Highway. Yes, this is the same highway you have seen pictures of before, when I stopped in Santa Cruz to visit my cousins. But this is the part on the other, Northern side of Santa Cruz. Less tall cliffs and giant Elephant Seals.

a 4

I might have traveled that other part again, the next afternoon after leaving Santa Cruz, but unfortunately, Highway One is closed… for perhaps the next year… between Santa Cruz and Southern California due to a huge landslide. And this won’t be my only forced detour on this last part of the trip.

a 5

This is Northern California. This isn’t the warm waters and palm trees of the other end of the State. This is water so cold it will kill you in less than an hour, with Great White Sharks, sharp rocks, dangerous currents and fog banks. In fact, if you want to read about my most interesting near-death-experience, it took place on a ship right off the coast not far from here. It is funny, I mean, considering I almost died. Go to the search bar… no, the one on my blog, not on the reader topic wall thing, and type in: ‘What a way to go’… go on, we will wait for you. Read the post.

a 6

But all that aside, the coast of California is something that everyone should see once in their life, from one end to the other.

a 7

If you look closely, you can see seals on those rocks… hiding from the Great White Sharks.

a 8

You can see the highway way over there.

a 9

And, as nice as the Pacific Ocean is, the view to the East wasn’t too shabby either. Okay, one more post of the coast, and then, Santa Cruz, and my cute little cousins and an adorable dog.


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6 Responses to The California coast, from San Francisco to Santa Cruz… part 1…

  1. We visited Northern Cali a few years back. It was so beautiful, but dang, that water was so cold. Have you been to Glass Beach?

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