At this point, collusion is just the frosting on the pile of poop…

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I mean, yes, it would be nice if we could kick the guy out by proving that he knowingly colluded with the Russians. The thing is… and there is actually more than one thing… a lot more… but we would just end up with another poop head in the Oval Office.

The point I am trying to make here is that people are too focused on the collusion thing. Because even if they never prove collusion, it seems to me that the cover up has become as big of a thing as the collusion thing. Why does it matter if there was collusion if the president as his minions have lied and obstructed justice to keep us from finding out if there was any?

And really, the main point is that this guy is unfit for office… any office. He has put people in sensitive positions who have no business being there. He is either inept or just plain evil. Take your pick. He is guilty of nepotism and cronyism and leading us towards fascism…  and many other isms as well. He isn’t even doing what he told the people who voted for him he was going to do, and that was a pretty low bar to begin with.

I don’t know if we can remove him from office, or if we will be better off if we do. I don’t know if we can undo the damage he has done to our political system, our educational system, our tax system, or our planet. And worst of all, I don’t known if we can ever repair the damage he has done to to our standing in the world, the way the world looks at us. There were already enough people out there that hatted us, but there were also people who looked at us as an example. We were a beacon. Now, that beacon leads to a darkened, storm-tossed shore, through fog and dangerous reefs and rocks, to a benighted land that offers scant hope to those in the world yearning for something better.


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2 Responses to At this point, collusion is just the frosting on the pile of poop…

  1. List of X says:

    We’re still a beacon – it’s just we’re now the kind of beacon that says “Danger ahead, change course!”

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