I had a really good tiger day… part 1…


So I took my buddy, my friend’s daughter, Olivia, to the world famous San Diego Zoo… (you have to say ‘world famous’ or the people here get mad!)… No, I know, her mom isn’t even working because she is due to have the twins soon, and grandma is still here helping… I just borrowed Olivia.

a 1

Nope, it wasn’t even part of my evil plan to take babysitting gigs away from teenage girls by undercutting their prices… I did it for free… because… Olivia! Besides, two-year-olds are my people.

a 2

Now, most days, you barely see the tigers. They are way up in the back or hiding and sleeping. But today was a good tiger day.

a 3

I did have the zoom lens. It was a pretty good orangutan day, too.

a 4

And birds… I took a lot of bird pictures.

a 5

We didn’t see the baby gorilla, but I got some good shots of the adults.

a 6

But I have a lot of tiger pictures… these are like the most boring of the bunch.

a 7

Random flower pic! I think that is a bromeliad.

a 8

So get ready for a lot of animal posts… mostly about tigers.



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4 Responses to I had a really good tiger day… part 1…

  1. Elyse says:

    Wow! I especially love that first one!

  2. I love cats. So post as many kitties as you want.

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