Some animals I met while in the Bay Area…

b 1

So, I took my mom down to the bay, to that park where I go because of the view and the fact that so many people walk their dogs there, and I can pet them when I am missing my dog. We had a picnic in the car, and then I put my mom on a bench to enjoy the sunshine. Walking back to the car, I met this nice little dog.  She belonged to a nice, elderly Asian lady who uses a walker. I petted the dog, then went to my car to get my camera.

b 2

The dog followed me and jumped in my car. Every time I opened a door to pick her up, she moved to the far side of the car. Maybe it was the smell of French fries, but I think she just liked me.

b 3

I met a very nice turkey when I went to visit my friend’s memorial tree.

b 4

I saw a goose.

b 5

What the heck is that, on the top of that redwood tree near my mom’s house?

b 6

Oh, a red tail hawk!

b 7

Thanks, zoom lens!

b 8

And of course, as always, I saw some deer from my mom’s deck. In fact, I almost ran into one in my car on the way to the Berkeley Rose Garden.

b 9

And I also met that busy little bee.


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