And now, another gratuitous post of Bay Area sunset photos…

a 1

Ha! That’s an artsy one. That is taken through the leaves of that old plum tree on the top level of my mom’s backyard.

a 2

You can see little wisps of fog creeping in over the bay, the same fog that was coming in under the Golden Gate when I was meeting those dogs.

a 3

Redwood trees and some distant Eucalyptus… Eucalypti?

a 4

The flowers blooming on a tree in the dying light of the setting sun.

a 5

I still love the yard at my mom’s house… so many good childhood memories.

a 6

mmmm… colors…

a 7

The fog is getting thicker.

a 8

Can you see the roses in the foreground?

a 9 a

Even more fog.

a 9

When I got to the Bay Area yesterday afternoon, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. This morning, there wasn’t a sky in the clouds… or fog… HA!



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