Some reasons Trump might actually be the Antichrist…

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The word ‘anti’ among other uses, literally means ‘the opposite of’. So let’s examine some of the ways that tRump is the exact opposite of Jesus… aka ‘Christ’.

Jesus helped the poor… tRump seems to consider them completely expendable.

Jesus despised the rich… tRump seems to think they are the only people that matter.

Jesus healed the sick… tRump wants to take away their healthcare.

Jesus preached nonviolence… tRump, not so much.

Jesus brought people together… tRump does too, but only the ones he okay with, which pretty much means other rich white people.

Jesus spoke of tolerance… tRump doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

Jesus gave people hope… tRump gives people fear.

Now obviously, this is a work of satire, but only because I am nonreligious, and therefore don’t really believe in the Antichrist. That being said, I stand by this post just like I stand by my earlier post where I postulated that the Antichrist doesn’t need to be a suave, smooth-talking, debonair devil in human form. No, he can be a closed-minded, bigoted, blow-hard buffoon who struggles with his own native language and any mental exercise that involves anything not seen on FOX News, and still end the world in seething balls of nuclear fire.

Just sayin’.



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