My older daughter is now married… but I still have pictures of the party the night before…

a 1

I am a little hung over, and my voice is hoarse. The wedding was awesome. But we need to finish up the photos of the big party the night before the wedding. There is my younger daughter, Mollie. Yes, she is holding little Olivia, the girl I babysit and take to the zoo.

a 2

There are Olivia’s parents. Remember, Joey was friends with my wife since elementary school. Remember also that Stacey is pregnant… with twins.

a 3

There is Big Johnny… who was also a friend of my wife’s… and Joey, back in the day, before the three of them went to U C Berkeley, which is how I ended up meeting my wife and them.

a 4

Big Johnny is married to Eva, and there she is, with William, our godson. You have seen many pictures of them on our trips to the Bay Area and here in San Diego too. There is our old friend Mark, too.

a 5

And speaking of old friends, there is Chris, my buddy that I grew up with, and his lovely wife, Teresa. A lot of people came a long way to share this special weekend.

a 6

Once again, I recommend turning any wedding into a whole weekend-long event. People travel to spend time with you, not just see a wedding where everyone is too busy to talk. Then the bride and groom rush off. Not here. We are having another party today at the big house we rented. Everybody who was able has rented houses to share, or gotten hotel rooms. It just keeps going. That is why I am so behind on these pictures. I haven’t even gottn to the wedding yet, and soon people will be showing up here start the festivities all over again.

a 7

Oh, and the giant Jenga game was a hit, as was the cornhole game, all hand-made, oh yeah. Jenga is fun to play drunk, just so you know.

a 8

That picture cracks me up. That is my mom, talking with my mother-in-law. Why does that remind me of my childhood?

a 9


a 10

I have a ton of pictures to download from the wedding, but I have to start drinking again soon, so I don’t know when I will get them up here. I rocked the wedding, in case you wondered. My toast was a hit, as was the daddy-daughter dance, done to a song I made up and used to sing to Jessica when she was little.

Maybe I will post today’s party pictures first, and save the actual wedding for the big finish.

a 11

There is Andrew, Jason and Jessica’s best friend since college days, standing by Jessica… Andrew performed the marriage. He got ordained online so he could do it. He was awesome. That is his boyfriend, Tim, sitting at the table. And there is my little girl, keeping it classy. Just so you know, Jessica doesn’t really drink often… but when she does, she does it right.


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10 Responses to My older daughter is now married… but I still have pictures of the party the night before…

  1. List of X says:

    Just so you know, I’m still waiting for you to slip and post a photo of your wife.

  2. Al says:

    Where is you in all these shots?

  3. Jim S. says:

    That’s always a plus.

  4. Jim S. says:

    Very nice. Congratulations. I am about 2,000 years away from either of my kids (one of whom is also named Jessica who, for all I know, also swills wine from the bottle) getting married. They are of marryin’ age but show no inclination currently whatsoever. Which, you know, is fine with me. See the world!

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