Some pictures…

a 1

These are the last pictures I took around the house we rented for the wedding party to stay in for my daughter’s wedding… which is today… before the huge party we threw last night… which I have many pictures of to share… when I can get to it.

a 2

Yeah, the front door.

a 3

Even the driveway is a floral wonderland.

a 4


a 5

And we found a nice little alcove to set up the cornhole game in. I didn’t make that name up… Google it.

a 6

So Jessica, and Jason, the couple that are getting married today, have the same initials. Jessica invented the official wedding logo… which, you may recall from earlier posts, we stuck onto the cornhole boards… that we made ourselves. I stained the wood and put 7 coats of varnish on them.

a 7

Can you say: family heirloom? Also, this is a fun game to play after a few beers.


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4 Responses to Some pictures…

  1. Al says:

    I’m sorry, but after what I heard the other day, cornhole holds a completely different meaning to me. “Cornhole – the hole corn comes out of once you have eaten it”

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