More desert flowers…

a 1

So, whenever I drive between San Diego, California and Scottsdale, Arizona, I have to pass over a mountain range that is just East of San Diego. Yes, the same one I took the sunrise pictures from the top of on my way to Arizona at the beginning of  this trip.

a 2

On the way home, I stopped at the bottom of the mountain range to take these pictures… over on the desert side.

a 3

You really do have to love seeing cacti blooming, it is a rare event.

a 4

Once again, yellow flowers dominated the scene.

a 5

See, I actually got out of the car and walked into the desert, just to get some photos to share with you.

a 6

Because I care.

a 7

And I needed to stretch my legs.

a 8


a 9

Coming up next, a beautiful mountain meadow on the other side of these mountains, and some very happy cows.

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