Arthur went on a cool road trip, and all we got are these stupid photos of sunrises and desert flowers!!!

a 1

As I mentioned earlier, I got up super early for the drive back to San Diego from Arizona, so I could see the sun coming up over the desert, and take some pictures for you.

a 2

I love driving parallel to a sunrise or sunset, especially when there is a mountain range between you and the sun. That way, you get to see the sun rise or set multiple times.

a 3

I know, I am still taking pictures from inside my car while I drive. I put the camera on the seat beside me. I just pick it up now and then, and point it out the window without taking my eyes off the road. Not all the pictures come out worth saving, but I am a good driver, and I do this in a safe way. Also, cool lens flare!

a 4

Unless you were a professional driver, do not try this. Stop to take photos!

a 5

There is one rest area in the California desert that has always intrigued me. The ground is covered with big lava rocks, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of an old volcano anywhere near by.

a 6

But that is obviously lava, and it doesn’t appear too weathered… so where did the volcano go?

a 7

I should really Google that someday.

a 8

America is freekin’ big. Good thing I had my 70’s rock and roll to listen to.

a 9

Coming up next, I actually stopped the car and got out to take some pictures for you, at the base of the mountain range just east of San Diego.

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4 Responses to Arthur went on a cool road trip, and all we got are these stupid photos of sunrises and desert flowers!!!

  1. I enjoy your pictures.
    I also have experienced the mountain range induced multiple sunsets. Along with it we had music. Each time the sun reappeared we all burst into song. ” Morning has broken………..”

  2. dancrofts says:

    Hey there! Nice pics!

    I suddenly notice that when I log into WordPress and go to the page where I can see the latest posts on the sites I follow (my own included), the pictures from my website do not appear. Do you happen to know how I can change this? How do you get your pictures to appear on yours?

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